26 October 2009

UPDATE: Father in latest DHS travesty case suicides in jail

The father of Charlenny Ferreira has suicided in county jail rather than face his fate in prison as the father of a girl who was sexually abused, beaten until she had a broken hip, and finally killed by blows to the torso that broke her ribs, which, left untreated, led to a collapsed lung and death by pneumonia.

The girl's stepmother, who has stated that Charleeni limped because she "had recently gained weight," is still in jail.

The newspapers don't seem to agree how to spell her name. The Inky reports "Charleeni"; the Metro reports "Charlenny"; the Daily News reports "Charlenni." (The criminal docket summaries I found don't include her name at all.) That the media can't get her name right makes the story even more pathetic.

How does Anne Marie Ambrose sleep at night? Why hasn't she discontinued DHS's deadly scheme of outsourcing its family supervision work to outside contractors? How many more Philadelphia children are going to die these miserable deaths?

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