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Beauty Salon Facial Peels

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Beauty Salon Facial Peels

Are Facials and Facial Peels from Beauty Salons the Same Thing?

Every year, thousands of people in London enjoy the services of beauty salons. One service in particular relates to the chemical treatment of the facial area, although it’s worth noting that the chemicals used are often organic in nature, or deemed to be beneficial to the dermal layers on the face. There are two types of facials available to clients of a beauty salon and we’ll be covering them both in a little more detail below.

Traditional Facials

The majority of facial treatments will begin with the gentle exfoliation of the face, where dead and dying skin cells can be washed away using gentle formulations. A quick massage will normally follow to stimulate the blood vessels within dermal layers to encourage growth and repair. The final stage of this treatment is to apply a formula to the skin to help to replenish the skin cells at the surface and this can be via a product or an organic formula, as chosen by the client being treated.

Facial Peels

These treatments are often referred to as chemical peels and as their name might suggest; they do rely on the use of chemicals. Unlike regular facials that rely on a combination of methods to remove dead skin and reveal a fresh layer; facial peels turn to chemicals that actively remove blemishes, discolouration and even wrinkles, before revealing smooth skin underneath. They do rely on chemicals however, so they can’t be enjoyed as regular as normal facials; but they are very effective. Some of the chemicals include Hydroxy Acid and Retinoic Acid, both of which can clear years of dirt away from the face.