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How to Follow a Gift Hamper Theme

Tracy Sackett      -

How to Follow a Gift Hamper Theme

Gift hampers are quickly becoming some of the most popular presents in Australia and as they are simply so versatile, why shouldn’t they be? From those that are given to a newly married couple to wish them well with their lives together, all the way to those that can be personalised to make the ideal present for someone’s birthday – the options are nearly endless.

Consider the event

If you’re buying for a 12 year old boy on his birthday, then it won’t make much sense to stuff the hamper with a pink ballet outfit, or a selection of girl’s toys. Instead, you could opt for one that features your recipient’s favourite colour (or simply blue for boys) and then pick and choose a variety of tasty treats and goodies that you know that they’ll enjoy.

Think about the components

Once you have the colour scheme taken care of and as soon as you have an idea of the types of components that you’d like your hamper to include, the next thing to do will be to actually choose them. As mentioned above these items could be tasty by nature such as chocolates, or they could be a little more entertaining – in the form of toys and activities.

Don’t forget to add a personal message

A good way to really promote a particular theme is by adding a relevant message to your order. You might want to pick a blue birthday card for a boy, or a pink one for a girl, and then add your own message that can be printed by your gift basket making service.